AtSt (Star Wars VI - The return of the Jedi)

Resin kit by Nice-n model designs


Heigth ~38cm

The AtSt is, like the bigger AtAt, one of the most popular designs of the Star Wars universe.

In late 2007, Steve Neisen made this beautiful kit of the AtSt available in studioscale size, in versions for Star Wars V (the Hoth attack, this version had, amongst other things, much longer legs) and Star Wars VI.

I chose the version that was seen in the Endor forest, where Chewbacca pilots one of these walkers.


The kit had an amazing amount of detail parts, and I was a bit sceptical at first how to built it up, as the legs would have to support the weight of the rather heavy head.

But to my surprise, this was probably the quickst build Ive made in the last years. Once I did the minmal cleanup required and drilled the holes for the brass tubings, the most diffcult work was already done.

To have the model stand by its own, it was necessary to finally glue the leg parts in place once the pose looked correct. At first, I posed the model too flat, so that the head was much too low, which looked strange. But I was able to "unglue" the parts with a little bit of brutality :). After adjusting, it now looks as it should.

I hope the legs will support the head over a long time. Since the material is Resin, Ill keep an eye on it. If the Resin starts to sag, Ill add an additional support rod. The AtSt stands on its own, but the base has two support pins that will go inside the feet to give it a more stable stand.

One thing that it still missing is the Coolshade in the back of the body, this was the only piece missing in the kit, but I substitued it with some other material.

Painting was done in a day, just a basic color and a couple of weathering layers including rust powder, and voila, another Studio scale model for the collection...