Tie fighter kit by Steve Neissen

Deathstar panels by Greg Watson

Scale 1:24 (Studio Scale)

Height (just Tie) 45cm

Although this is a really huge kit, it's rather easy to assemble. One problem was that the wings had some bad warping, but with a blowdrier I was able to fix that. The T-Rods that were cast into the wings were in pretty bad shape, to I decided to sand them off and put new rods on them to get a clean shape.

Since the middle part was more or less one big huge pile of resin, I decided against putting any lights in it. I printed out some Tie interior structure and put that in the back of the window. I also printed out a pilot, glued him onto some styrene and placed that between the background and the foreground cockpit structure. That way, there is at least some threedimensional structure in the inside.

There is some minor weathering applied along with some rust, but not much, since those fighter will be hold in pretty clean shape and don't do much atmospheric flight..

Compared to the studio scale XWing this model is really huge and heavy, but both look very cool when they are displayed together.


I have also finished my studioscale X-Wing fighter. This thing is also huge, you can see the size in the following shots...