Romulan Bird of Prey (Star Trek Classic)

Fiberglass/Resin kit by Sovereign Replicas


Width ~44cm

This is the Studio Scale Kit of the Original Star Trek series Romulan Bird of Prey, made by Richard Long. It was my first fiberglass kit - and it was not an easy job. Joining the two halves together proved to be a bit challening, but in the end it worked out.

Since the fiberglass material was already transparent, I chose to add light to this kit. The interiror is all done with very bright LEDs, around a dozen for the main body, and two for each nacelle. Lazy me didnīt prepped the interior properly to avoid light leaks, so they turned up after I glued everything together :(. But a couple of paint passes solved the problem for the most part.

The large decals proved to be also very challenging, since they are very brittle. So I cut them in pieces after I wasted a first sheet of decals and a paint job in the first try :) - thanks to Richard again for sending me a second decal sheet.

The original model they used in the show seemed to have no plating at all, but I found that to be a bit boring, so I added a very light plating to the hull and the nacelles.

All in all this proved to be a rather challenging model, but turned out quite ok.