INCOM T-65 X-WING (Star Wars Episodes IV-VI)

X-Wing Kit by Mike Salzo

Deathstar panels by Greg Watson

Scale 1:24 (Studio Scale)

Length ~55cm

This kit is also known as "Captain Cardboard X-Wing". It´s a pretty big Resin kit, but very well detailed and very accurate.

This is the first kit in a long time that´ll have some lighting. The cockpit, R2 and the top detail will be fixed with strong magnets, so they can be removed and the cables are still within reach.

The base consists of 4 parts of Deathstar panels. These resin panels were made by Greg Watson and build up as a nice base for any 1/24 scale Star Wars model.

The model turned out pretty nice. The cockpit and the R2 unit are lit by Fiberoptics and LEDs, in the engines are some very bright white LEDs). Airbrushing was done using Tamiya paints for the first time - so far seem to be pretty neat, especially because it does not have the nasty odor of the enamel paints and thinners. Decals are done scanning the FM XWing decal sheet, scaling it up, retouching and print it using some decalpaper.

I´ve decided to paint it with a "Red Four" scheme, which has all the elements from the Red Squadron fighters that I liked the most. The missing paint scratches were done using some liquid masking before airbrushing and rubbing that off later.

The cockpit is also removable - there are some LEDs below that "feed" the fiberoptics of the cockpit. I wanted the windows to be posable as well, so I added a small hinge. I haven´t glued it in yet, otherwise I won´t be able to remove the cockpit anymore. So the window can be removed completely to get access.

I have also finished my studioscale Tie fighter. This thing is huge, you can see the size in the following shots...

Below are some work-in-progress shots.