Eagle (Space:1999)

Kit by Replicas Unlimited

Buildup by Tim Ketzer

Scale 1:48

Length: 53,5cm

When I was thinking about purchasing one of Product Enterprises big Eagle, I talked to Tim about this. Since being a bit tired of building the Reliant, he suggested doing 2 buildups of the kit available from Replicas Unlimited. So here is a very nice and big buildup of the famous Space:1999 Eagle. The still stunning effects of that series relied very heavy on that sturdy and very cleverly thought out craft - a real classic.

The smaller Eagle in the last picture is the small version of the Product Enterprises Eagle.


Here are some work-in-progress pictures of the buildup:

All the parts of one Eagle in the box.

A lot of parts needed extensive cleanup

and rebuilding

like these doors.

...the door factory

Parts layed out in front of an original middle section

A sturdy axis to hold the considerable weight.

Paint preparation

Pencil lines after paint

Nice Decals by JBot

Almost done...

Ever wondered where they got all those Eagles from? Well...