Super Star Destroyer Executor (Star Wars Episode VI)

Resin kit by Korbanth

Base Resin parts by Triliance

Scale ~1:20000

Length 92 cm


This is quite a big kit compared to the 30cm kit by Scale Solutions. Naturally, it has much more detail.

Thanks to a detailed description, the assembly was no problem. The few bits that got chipped off during transport were easily fixed.

I thought for a moment to light it, but even at this size the windows would have to be extremely small - which would result in thousands of fiber cable running through the tiny parts. It would also be almost impossible to intregrate the fibers in the small skyscrapers at the top of the model. So, in the end I decided against it. My hats off to anyone who tries it...

A problem were the side trenches, which appear to be too high. I sanded them down a bit, to the point where it wouldn´t cause trouble with the rest of the assembly. It is still a bit high compared to the original.

As for painting, I used Tamiya grey primer and for the base coat a mix of 1/3 blue (XF18) and 2/3 white, which should match the original color quite well. Slight panel shading was added, as well as some tiny white dots for windows.

The base was constructed using three sets of Triliance deathstar tiles, all in all around 80 tiles