Millenium Falcon (Star Wars Episode IV-VI)

Falcon built by Alfred Wong

Base built by Tobias Richter

Scale 1:48

Falcon Length 68 cm, Width 50 cm

Base Length 80cm, Width 60 cm

The Falcon model and buildup was done by Alftred Wong, an expert modelmaker (have a look at his website at Alfreds Homepage ).

He added some basic lighting - in the cockpit, the gunner areas and the engine. Alfred is also a well known master-maker for various SciFi Kits - and this is one of his masterpieces. The model has also a fully modelled landing gear.

Since I didn´t want to let it stand on it´s own feet, I had to built something to put it on. So I just sat down and began putting together styrene sheets and some leftover stuff from older kits. The result is the first scratchbuilt model I did in a very long time. There are some LEDs and lightbulbs as well to breath a little life into this. The base also holds the cable support for the falcon.