Klingon Ktinga Cruiser (Star Trek Movie)

Resin/Fiberglass kit by Sovereign Replicas

Builtup by Richard Long

Scale 1/350

Length ~62cm

The Klingons are probably one the most well known Alien race in modern Science Fiction. And the Klingon cruiser is their most successful

ship design - the basic lines stayed unchanged for decades, with the latest incarnation as chancellor Gorkons ship "Kronos" in

"Star Trek IV - The undiscovered country", the last movie to feature the complete classic cast with Kirk. Spock, Bones and the gang.


The movie version of the basic klingon cruiser is the first vessel to be seen in the first Star Trek movie and makes one of the most impressive opening shots in SF history.

In size with the Polar Lights Enterprise, Richard Long made a beautiful kit of this famous starship

I originally wanted to buy just the kit, but Richard offered to built one up for me, and as he is a much better model builder and painter then me, I took the chance.

The model features a very detailed paint scheme, with the typical klingon look, and a beautiful interior lighting with all the elements from the movies in place.

This is a wonderful addition to my collection, now I just need to built up a PL Enterprise to display them together (well, one can dream...).