NCC 1701-A USS Enterprise (Star Trek)

Northstar Kit by deBoer Hulls

Buildup by Tim Ketzer

Scale 1:260

Length: 117cm

This kit is a real monster and the biggest and best kit of the finest starship ever to bear the name "Enterprise". It is a very expensive kit, so I guess there won´t be many of them around - but if you can afford it, it´s worth it - a very accurate and detailed version of Kirks vessel. "Kit" is probably the wrong word, it´s more like a visual effects model.

The whole buildup was done by Tim Ketzer, a fellow CG artist and expert modelmaker (have a look at his website at

Can you believe this is the first Star Trek ship he ever build? Well, he did an outstanding job!

The model is completely lighted, with a detailed arboretum and a very accurate paint job. The top of the main saucer and various other parts are fixed using magnets and can be put off in case there´s a problem with the lighting. The main light is coming from various cold cathod tubes, along with a large array of white and yellow LEDs. Some parts had to be scratchbuild - the impulse drive broke into dozens of pieces when it fell down, but Tim build an excellent replacement. He had to replace the back fins of the warpnacelles as well in order to get some lights in there.

The photos shown here were taken by Tim. There are still some tiny decals and details missing that are on the model now - as soon as I have photographed them, I´ll post them as an update here.

As a special bonus and a tribute to the effort that was put into making the model, here are some pictures taken during the buildup:

All the parts spread out

Making the holes of the arboretum

All holes are drilled out

The sensor dish had to be cut out as well, in order to create the light array around the sensor

The hangar lights and the hangar bay are also drilled out

Ups - there goes the impulse drive. A very delicate piece that went kazoom on its way to the floor...

Tim was able to scratchbuild this part - an excellent replacment for the original.

Access areas to the Nacelle lighting

Dry Fitting Test

The interior is covered with aluminium foil to anhance lighting and prevent lightspill

The base color is being sprayed on ina professional spraying chamber.

These Aztek masks were especially made for this model.

Fitting them onto the saucer...

Took some time and trys to get the right color for the secondary section.

All parts together, the interior of the saucer also covered in aluminium foil.

Here is the light-setup of the saucer section, using cold cathod tubes. The two electronic boards are for two different blinking circuits of the navigational and positional light LEDs.

Tiny arboretum, build using stuff from model train environments.

And here the complete setup with the light of the secondary section. Notice the rectangle sections that will provide light into the arboretum.

The interior of the secondary sectiont

Finally, decals are cut to match the plating.


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