Blockade Runner - Tantive Cruiser (Star Wars Episode IV)

Resin kit by Randy Cooper

Scale 1/144

Length ~69 cm

The Blockade Runner is one of my all-time favourite designs. It's the first ship we see in Star Wars, and what an entry!

For years, there has been no kit of decent size of this design, so I was very happy to follow Randys efforts on the net

and ordered the kit immediately.


The kit itself is very cleverly engineered, but it is still tough to figure out how to assemble and paint the engines.

I ended up assembling the main engine block and each engine seperatly, painting them, then glue them toghether.

This worked quite well and helped wiring the cables for the LEDs in the engines.

There are also lights in the cockpit (LEDs and fiber optics), but the camera has a hard time catching it.

To make sure I can repair any damage to the lighting, I built the cockpit as a seperate piece that is fixed

in position by magnets, same as the cap on the side to give access.


Painting was done with a spray of tinted white, then the red stripes and a hint of black for the different panels.

The weathering as usual with a mist of black, a wash, then some individual brush painting and some rust.


I am very happy with how this turned out. I think this is probably my best model so far.

But there's always room to improve with the next model...